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About HD

What started in 2018 has only begun. We're focused on accelerating the growth of digital businesses and careers as a trusted recruiting partner.


THE Backstory

Human Dimensions wasn't a side hustle before becoming a business - it was born from client requests. Hearing "I only worked with them to work with you," from clients after your laid off is a great prompt to start your own business. And here we are almost 4 years later poised to grow and continue breaking the mold of what recruiting in the technology and creative industry looks like.


My name is Bri Crow and I started in technical staffing in 2011 as an international agency recruiter for Hewlett Packard. Shortly after, I started attending every business and technology related user group, networking event and conference I could find. Leading, volunteering, delivering workshops and hosting events in those same communities is now a deep passion of mine.  I later moved on to help two Atlanta based IT staffing firms start their Dallas offices. For 10 years I've been serving hiring managers, business owners, and candidates from the recruiting and sales side of the industry. Before starting Human Dimensions, I was recruited to be part of the founding team doing business development for a $3.7 million dollar funded cybersecurity startup.

But enough about me.

From one human to another - I'm here to make hiring

and finding the right job less stressful.







(And if you're interested in being part of the HD team...let's talk! )

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